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Elevating the Art of Guitar Repair and Design for the last 4 1/2 decades.

Does your guitar always seems to be out of tune ?
Does it seem to be too hard to play ?

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Precision work / Fast turn-around / Best price \m/ !

TechDeck Workstation Documentary

 @ Tour Supply 
( link below )

StringTech TechDeck Workstation - Tour Supply

TechDeck Workstation

A huge thanks goes out to David Hatch
Jennifer Sunnerton, Michael, Becky, 
Kim Mitchell and all at 
Whistlestop Productions,
and Blue Ant Media,  
for taking the initiative to reach out 
and create this documentary, 
on the TechDeck Workstation.

It was 5 years ago that 
Jennifer ( Producer / Toronto ) and 
Michael ( Cameraman / Chicago )
showed up here in Stratford,
 to film this mini-documentary.

Guitar Picks 2 Episode #9 "Express Yourself"

Since the filming of this documentary, 5 years ago,
the TechDeck has touched down in Australia, 
Denmark, UK, Isle of Malta, New York , 
LA, Las Vegas, Nashville, Paris, Toronto, 
Vancouver and dozens
 of other cities across North America,
and around the World.

Hello Michael,
Long time, no chat. I hope all goes well in beautiful Stratford.
I have been using my TechDeck regularly since I got it from you. I know you've heard this before, but I really don't know how I got along without it. It just makes everything so much easier.

Best regards from Ottawa. ( May 2015 )
( Murray Jackson ....  bought his TechDeck in November 2011 )

 Every day that I walk into my shop
is my greatest testimonial;
as I tuck-in to the next batch of repairs
with my 2 TechDeck's.

When I set out all those years ago, to design and refine 
a Stringed Instrument Workstation; it was never about 
price or any type of ego-driven objective.

The mission was to address the "gaping lack in the industry"
 for a one-stop multi-adjustable work station
 that would meet all of the needs of  Music Stores,
 Guitar Builders, Pro Guitar Techs
and Guitar enthusiasts, who are faced with handling 
the endless multitude of shapes and sizes of the 
most popular musical instrument on the planet; while doing everything from basic string changes, to full fledged 
restoration and fabrication procedures.   

Judging from the constant local and global response; we have unequivocally, accomplished that goal. 

Signed / sealed / delivered !

My sincere gratitude, goes out to all of the students and customers,

who put their trust and faith in us and they laid their hard earned money down. 

I am still humbled, grateful and genuinely excited, every time 

a new customer receives their TechDeck.

Over and over again we witness the excitement and thrill as they discover, within the first few hours of using this workstation, the profound and liberating, sense of relief and freedom they feel, as they tuck into those first few batches of repairs !

Wishing continued prosperity to all. 


All testimonials have been given freely;

 based solely on the TechDeck's
long proven merit and practical
applications; in workshops just
 like mine, across North America 
and around the Globe ;^ ) .... \m/  ! 

Robert's reaction after receiving his TechDeck .....
"I'm the resident gearhead / tech here 
and I'm very impressed with the unit. 
You pretty much thought of everything. Nice job !!"

Robert Cunningham : Product Management

D'Addario / Planet Waves

Farmingdale , New York

I use 6 TechDecks for my College Classes, 
and use 2 daily,  in my home workshop.

Between students, Pro-Guitar Techs
and Guitar enthusiasts, locally 
and Internationally; we have watched,
the TechDeck's popularity steadily
increase, as everyone eliminates 
the "whoops factor" , while they
double or triple their shop output \m/  !

Fret Dress Video Link:
 Guitar Repair and Design

The TechDeck's design, 
function and versatility, eliminate the 
 the need for vices, dial calliper posts,  
arbour presses, vice grips,   
or computer controlled
 fret dressing machines.

All of your fret-work needs 
in one multi-adjustable package.

Fret work and fret dressing 
 just got a whole lot easier.


Walking the walk ...

 A special thanks to  
Blue Ant Media 
for airing this multiple times 
over the last few years !

StringTech Workstations

You will find the TechDeck video,

 sandwiched between a Mendelson Joe clip

 and a clip on Dom Troiano's original Tele 

from the Mandela days !

 Although the TechDeck 

quickly becomes the "Golden Goose " for 

Music Store Repair Departments,

Pro-Guitar Techs, and Guitar Builders;

as they leverage the TechDeck to

the greatest financial advantage  ...

.... a large portion of TechDecks have gone

to Guitar Enthusiasts and Collectors

who are now using the TechDeck hone their own skills,

and "pamper" their private collections.

 This workstation is especially useful, for those 

who are building their"Kit-Guitars"

Quotes/ Reactions 
 from TechDecker Owners 

Thanks for a great product and exemplary service !
R.L. Burns ( Las Vegas , Nevada )
( May 2015 )

Al Maynard's reaction .... 
March 24th 2014

My shop's production has tripled.

This is one Gem of a Tool !

Great addition to repair the museum pieces ,
Fenders, Gibsons and Martins are all happy.


Al Maynard
Pro Guitar Tech 

Windsor, Nova Scotia 

"Since purchasing the TechDeck in 2010, it continues to shave dozens of hours off production time for instrument repairs.  The versatility of the adjustable and articulating neck-body support system means set-up time for any style of guitar-type instrument is virtually the same.  In less than a minute I can support and secure it in an optimal position for initial inspection, fretwork, hardware upgrades, binding and bridge repairs, routing, etc.  The robust construction is extremely sturdy, while affording enough portability to carry it along with a tool bag to back-stage call-outs."

Things are going well ~ retired from the army and moving the Luthier business to the next level.  Fortunately enough work that I actually have to turn some away!  Will be teching a tour this summer for Astrid Young so I'm looking forward to that.  Living the dream.

Best wishes and hope to see you soon. 

(June 2014)

 I've just purchased my second TechDeck ( July 2012 )
to keep up to the increased demand for my work !
Ed Sculthorpe  ~ Hamilton, Ontario

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the video link,

The TechDeck arrived yesterday, and I am very impressed with it already!
I put it to work straight away with a fret level and dress on a locally (factory) made Maton 325 dreadnought.
after a couple of views of the video I had it all set up with the guitar secured and the neck well supported, the level and dress came out perfect. 
the job went very smoothly with so much less effort to level, crown and polish with the guitar so well held and supported.
the customer picked up his guitar today and was very pleased with the set up.

I will be adding a new bench for the techdeck and setting up a designated repair area very soon, so will send you a pic when it is all set up.
No more putting away the guitar I'm building to repair or inspect a customers guitar.

Thanks for designing such a great tool, I think it will be invaluable to my business.

Daniel Hoban
Nothcote Australia

April 30th 2014

I’m loving the Techdeck.   I appreciate the informative emails.  I can tell you are an awesome teacher.

Atlanta Georgia

April 29th 2014

Hi Michael,

TD arrived this morning! I've got a ton of jobs I need to get done first today but I had to open the box and have a quick play, LOVE IT!
Great construction, feels good and solid, I cannot wait to tuck in, its the most exciting thing I've had delivered for a good while :)
Stupidly excited about this, feels like the start of a new era in here!!

Manchester U.K.

ps Thanks for these emails, I totally appreciate how much effort it is to stop and document this stuff. I'm a hands on learner, when I'm doing a similar job I'll have them to read back through again, and walk me through it - so cool to have this resource!

Master Classical Guitar Builder 

Kevin Aram
 Torrington U.K.
July 27th 2014 

This workstation was developed, to address

the real need in any guitar workshop; for a

one-stop-multi-adjustable workstation

 to assist in all activities.

The TechDeck is an integral element

 in the College Guitar Repair courses

as the students go about repairing, 

restoring, building and adjusting 

all of the various members of 

the Guitar Family.

"Anyone who has ever done any kind of work with their hands, especially on guitars, knows how often a third, fourth or fifth hand are required.  The TechDeck IS my extra helping hand(s)!  The way it holds and supports the body and neck in place safely and securely, proves without a doubt, that this is the only way to work on a guitar. "

Dave Moore
Inisfil  Ontario

"I'm quite certain there are other ways 
of properly holding Guitars while 
they're being repaired, 
but I'm sure glad I don't have to 
spend years trying to find out."
( Guitar collector and TechDeck Owner )
 Greg Force, Woodstock, Ontario

The deeper you dig, the better the TechDeck looks.  

Hi Michael,

The Techdeck was a 60th birthday gift for me.
 I am a home guitar hobbyist and collector.
 I’m a machinist / millwright by trade, so I recognize
 the genius behind your creation.
A fine piece of work indeed ! 

Best regards,

Sherwood Park
Alberta, Canada

"The TechDeck is a fantastic extension of our business, 

a must have if you repair"