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TechDeck Owner's Manual


 @ Tour Supply 
( video link below )

When I set out to create and refine

 a stringed instrument workstation;

 it was not my intention to make

 the cheapest or most expensive unit.

TechDeck Workstation Tips / Function Video:


The objective was, to make the
 safest most versatile workstation possible.
Something to which everyone 
could quickly and easily adapt.

Over and over again we witness the excitement and thrill as the newcomers discover within the first few hours of using this workstation, the profound and liberating, sense of relief and freedom they feel, as they tuck into those first few batches of repairs !

TechDeck Workstation Pictorial / Tutorial

The following accessories are available for all TechDecks:

Mini Neck Assembly $87.50 
Extra V-Block $17. 50 
Bridge Slotting Jig $187. 50 
Neck Surgery Kit $315.00 

For International Customers: 
Shipping the BSJ in the TechDeck carton,
can amount to quite a significant 
savings in shipping costs.

Fret Work 

The TechDeck's Design, 
Function and Versatility,
 have completely eliminated the need
 for vices, dial caliper posts, 
arbour presses, vice grips, 
or computer controlled
 fret dressing machines.

I regularly walk my Level 1
 and Level 2 students through this procedure.

My shop's production has tripled.

This is one Gem of a Tool !

Great addition to repair the museum pieces ,
Fenders, Gibsons and Martins are all happy.


Al Maynard
 Pro Guitar Tech 

Windsor, Nova Scotia 


All of your fret-work needs, 
are now met, in one intuitive, 
multi-adjustable package.

With the TechDeck Workstation 
and a few simple hand tools;
 both Fret Work and Fingerboard Levelling, 
become routine tasks;
that have all of the Pro Guitar Tech's, 
Music Stores and Luthiers,
 flipping the purchase and shipping costs, 
in a few days work. 

Other Uses

You will no longer waste any time at all, 
trying to figure out how to hold
that Ovation, Flying V, or Archtop guitar.

More importantly, the switch-over,
 from one instrument to the next 
is now done in a matter of seconds.

 Any job, 
from basic string changes,
to pickup + hardware  swapping, 
even acoustic guitar neck re-sets, 
 just got a whole lot easier ;^)

The TechDeck eliminates
 the "whoops factor " 
and let's you breathe easy, 
as you triple your shop output 
and "Wow" your customers.

The mini-neck assembly / 
the bridge slotting - pickup cavity jig
will both fit into the carton with the TechDecks.

Please let us know if you'd
 like any of the accessories 
included in your orders.

For the International customers, 
including the extra accessories, in the one carton,
 amounts to quite a significant 
savings in shipping costs.

TechDeck Workstation + Accessories

Over the years,
I had been using 6 / 8 TechDecks
 for my College Classes, 
and use 2 daily,  
in my home workshop.

Now you can join me on Patreon and get a front row seat 
with access to 300+ detailed videos 


Hello Michael,
Long time, no chat. I hope all goes well in beautiful Stratford.
I have been using my TechDeck regularly since I got it from you. I know you've heard this before, but I really don't know how I got along without it. It just makes everything so much easier.

Best regards from Ottawa. ( May 2015 )
( Murray Jackson ....  bought his TechDeck in November 2011 )

Robert's reaction after receiving his TechDeck .....
"I'm the resident gearhead / tech here 
and I'm very impressed with the unit. 
You pretty much thought of everything. Nice job !!"

Robert Cunningham : Product Management

D'Addario / Planet Waves

Farmingdale , New York

For those of you who are interested in the NSK;
it is shipped out separately; in it's own carton.

Congratulations on your purchase of the TechDeck, an advanced and fully adjustable workstation for guitars and stringed instruments of any size. This Owner's Manual post will walk you through the components and their functions.

The TechDeck incorporates a pivoting and telescopic neck-support assembly in addition to three pivoting platforms that adjust in conjunction with each other. The operator can orient all three platforms quickly, with one-handed adjustment, to support various sizes and shapes of stringed instruments. This allows you to quickly get to the job at hand without wasting time figuring out how to hold this beautiful $80.00 or $8,000.00 guitar, before you do your $75, $150, $300 or $1200 repair, adjustment or restoration.

Pivoting and Telescopic Neck-Support Assembly
The sliding V-blocks on the pivoting neck assembly move back and forth on the aluminum top rail (see end of video). Spring-loaded hex-head cap screws, located on the underside of the female rails, can be pushed up to allow the V-blocks to slide easily into the channels in the top rail. Likewise, spring-loaded cap screws can be pushed up to allow the pivoting neck-support assembly to be mounted onto the upper neck-support platform. In both of these operations, “male” aluminum rails slide into “female” aluminum rails.
The neck support assembly is one of the most pivotal (pardon the pun) aspects of the TechDeck’s versatility and ease of function. The sliding blocks spread, telescopically, on either side of the central pivot point. This allows you to adjust the blocks in order to support any length of neck or, more importantly, restrict the flex of any neck while performing critical and exacting tasks such as fret dresses, re-frets and leveling fingerboards. 

  Video Demo for Fret Dressing : Guitar Repair and Design

This allows you to true-up frets and fingerboards accurately, while the instrument is held firmly in the most advantageous position, allowing you to perform each task quickly and accurately.You will find a cinch hook on opposite ends of the large black pivoting rail. Each of the two neck straps are permanently attached, one on each side of the black pivoting rail. The length and placement of Velcro on the leather neck straps permits you to loop up and over the neck, then down through the metal hoop and back up over the neck to cinch the neck down firmly while working. It is also possible to flip the instrument up on its edge, if need be, for tasks that involve feeding strings in from the back side of the body, e.g. Strat-style and Tele-style guitars.
The complete neck-support assembly can be removed which allows the instrument to be laid flat horizontally for routing pick-up cavities and other tasks. There is a Mini Neck Assembly available for work on smaller instruments such as mandolins, violins, ukes, etc. The Mini neck assembly attaches the same way as the larger neck assembly (see video).

Pivoting Platforms
The three pivoting platforms operate independently of each other, permitting an infinite range of "support settings". Each pivoting platform employs a heavy duty support mechanism that indexes 20 times in gradual increments of ascent.  When the platform opens up all the way to the end of the mechanism’s throw, it will de-index and descend downwards to a flat position.  This is all done in a matter of seconds with one-handed adjustment.  Try it and you’ll see!
Main Body Platform
The open space between the two large, leather-padded rails enables you to put a guitar face down, for access to the back surface, when wiring switches or pots, etc. on guitars that have electronics access panels on the back.

The space between the padded rails also allows for arch-top, arched-back and round-back instruments to be firmly cinched, face down or face up, without danger of crushing.  
There are four cinch hooks (more are available upon request) located along each edge of the body platform. They allow you to criss-cross straps over the instrument in multiple variations to quickly, safely and firmly restrain any shape or size of instrument while you work.
Mini Tool Cribs
Five shallow mini-tool-cribs are clustered around the neck support platforms. They are the perfect solution for holding small tools, truss-rod cover and screws, bridge pins, allen keys, bridge saddles, nuts ,screws and machine heads, string winder, pots and switches etc.; in other words, all the little bits and pieces that tend to get lost or misplaced.
The tool cribs are cut with a bull-nose bit so that, when you pick up those mini screws, you’re not trying to fish them out of a sharp 90 degree corner! 
Leather Body Straps
The TechDeck comes with 3 lengths of body straps. There are custom lengths available upon request. The smallest strap allows you to go across a thin-waisted guitar and cinch it down quickly and firmly. The straps go through the cinch-hooks with the Velcro side up and leather side down (see the final portion of video). The longest strap allows you to create a large “leather hoop” that will grab a jumbo acoustic guitar across its large lower bout, pulling the body toward the neck assembly. Once the large strap is cinched down, you can put the medium strap across the waist of the jumbo guitar. It will form a hoop that pulls the guitar in the opposite direction, toward the wider end of the base frame. Those two leather straps pulling in opposing directions, will hold the instrument firmly onto the body platform rails (see video).
There are thousands of possibilities for the accommodation of instruments of various sizes and shapes. The platforms alone, with 20 indexing positions each, offer 8000 combinations of restraint with quick one-handed adjustment! When you add the large or small neck assemblies, along with various lengths of straps and their combinations; the possibilities are virtually limitless.
One Stop Multi-Adjustable Format
As you become more comfortable (the comfort will start from the first minute you use it!) with the TechDeck, you will discover that it will shadow every move you make, eventually bringing you to the point where the workstation itself becomes transparent. You’ll no longer waste time determining how to hold the instrument you’re working on.
When unpacking your TechDeck, you will find the pivoting neck assembly tucked into the side of the shipping carton on the narrow end of the main frame. Remove the neck assembly and remove the temporary hex nut that you’ll find on the side of the large aluminum channel. This hex nut is used for shipping purposes only.
The small black-handled lever goes onto the threaded shoulder bolt where the hex nut was removed and tightens up against the flat washer. This lever can be tightened or loosened to adjust the pivoting action of the neck assembly. If you find the lever (after tightening) is in your way or pointing up; simply pull out on the lever where it threads onto the shoulder bolt and swing it out of the way without loosening the cinch (or tightness) of the pivoting action (see video).

Hi Michael

Thanks for sending me the video. Very well done. 

I've been using the TechDeck almost daily for the past 4 weeks.

Tony Spina ( London, Ontario March 20th 2015 )

Hi Michael,

Great video!  The TechDeck is a work of genius!

All the best

Bernie Funston
Funston Guitars

Hi Michael,

Great to hear from you, our tech deck is going great, earning us money and still as good as new (maybe a layer or two of sawdust)
Keep the videos coming - always good to learn!
Many thanks,

The Guitar Repair Workshop Ltd

c/o Professional Music Technology

Red Rose Retail Park,

Regent Road,



M5 3GR

Great video, Michael.  Nice guitar playing as well!  We are loving our TechDeck, it’s paid for itself with the neck surgery jig.  I LOVE that thing. The TechDeck recently came in handy, in re-binding a Gretsch Country Gentleman.  The TechDeck could hold the instrument in virtually any position I needed, which made it a lot easier to work, especially in scraping off all that nasty crumbling binding.  It’s also great for holding a guitar for routing.

I expect you to have great success if you are marketing this for the public.  It really is a great tool.

Jeff Rice
Intown Guitar Repair
Atlanta, GA USA

Jeff Rice is a full time Super-Pro Guitar Technician, 
that runs his business down in Atlanta Georgia.

Jeff received his TechDeck and " Neck Surgery Kit "March  2014.

Hi Michael.  Good to hear from you.  I’m loving the Neck Surgery Jig.  I’ve done 5 neck surgeries in the last 6 months.  Works like a charm.  One customer took his ES-339 that I had just completed, to a gig that night, and had it on his guitar stand plugged in.  He tripped over the cord and the guitar went face first onto the stage (the same way he broke it originally) but this time it didn’t break.  It’s stronger after the surgery.
Hope all is well up north.


Feb 2015

TechDeck Workstation + Accessories


When you lift the body platform, you will find an adjustable shock (silver disc) attached to the side of the main frame and the underside of the large body platform. The shock regulates the speed of descent for the body platform. By tightening the hex fastener in the centre of the silver disc, you will stiffen the descending motion of the large body-platform. This will be calibrated and adjusted before we ship out your unit.
The last basic maintenance procedure (also done before we ship) is to put a few drops of 3-in-one oil on the sliding cuff of the three adjustable, multi-indexing support mechanisms.  This will keep them operating smoothly for a year or so and they should subsequently be lubricated when required.
The TechDeck is created in limited production runs. Each unit is hand assembled and calibrated as it goes through final inspection before shipping. The TechDeck and its components are made in Canada / US / Germany. The production and assembly is done in North America.