Elevating the Art of Guitar Repair and Design for the last 4 1/2 decades.

Does your guitar always seems to be out of tune ?
Does it seem to be too hard to play ?

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Precision work / Fast turn-around / Best price \m/ !

Here are 24 examples of guitars with compensated nuts.

1834 C Bruno / 1929 Gibson L-5

Full Play-by-Play Restoration Video 

Steve Curtis Manchester UK Neck Surgery Wizard .... he's got it down to a Science.

Steve Curtis ( Manchester UK ) 
is still the "Go-to" Guy for 
Neck Surgeries in the UK and EU !

TechDeck "Swat Team" Loaded for Bear.

12 Neck Surgery Videos

Welcome to my Blog !

Although the subject matter is the same; 
these videos will cover every possible case scenario  
from a split to a completely severed headstock.

Enjoy !


The Link below will take you to a library of 12 videos:

The Neck Surgery Kit is priced so that you can 
cover the cost, with the completion of one job.

For the Tech's that have already purchased 
a TechDeck .... the NSK seamlessly slides onto the top platform for very quick setup and execution.

Others have"retro-fit" the NSK for their own shop setup; and used the neck surgery jobs to generate the purchase price of the TechDeck. 

Ryan Kearny from Gibson Brands California / 
Derek from Illinois / Jody from Reading  Penn / Warren from Rock Springs Montana / Nick from Calgary Alberta
The Guitar Garage Paris France / Steve Curtis Manchester UK / Jeff Rice Atlanta Georgia / Peter Mecurio Mass./ 
Peter Green New Brunswick ..... and numerous others across the USA, Canada, Australia and the EU are getting consistent perfection ... as they address this very common repair task. 

Buzzing Frets ?

What you need to understand .....
check this step by step video:

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300 + Detailed Videos on Guitar Repair and Design

Michael McConville 



Over 300+ detailed videos 
on every Job imaginable ....

for aspiring Guitar Techs

Firebird / Compensated Nut / Stringing Tips

Here is a trio of videos
 to kick off the New Year !

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their support 
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Michael McConville

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Thomas Nordegg and Danny 
at the "Generation Axe" Tour

Harley Davidson Stratocaster
Full Detailed Video on Patreon

57 " Showster 


HD 28 Martin Neck Re-Set

Saving the "nibs" on a bound fingerboard.

Precise Guitar Intonation

Les Paul Neck Break
Worst case scenario ....
Video play by play 

66' Melody Maker

Peter's Parlour Guitar

ES 355 + G+L Commanche 

Gibson 335' Tuning issues solved !

Dayna's Dreadnought

Dayna's Dreadnought

Sterling Silver Headstock Trim
+ Curly Maple Logo
Brass Compensated Nut
Gold Grover Imperials

Top Bracing

Mahogany Back Rosewood Sides

Bear-Claw spruce soundboard
Ebony Fingerboard
Ebony bridge

Quilted Mahogany Back 
Rosewood Sides
Quilted Mahogany overlay (back of headstock )

Lp Custom / Lp Standard ... Taste Test Comparison

The Perfect Fret Dress x 2 !
Step-by-step instruction.

StringTech Workstations Video Guitar Repair Lessons

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StringTech / TechDeck Workstations

 @ Tour Supply 

We are honoured to have
 both Thomas Nordegg and Sid Pryce !!
"step up to the plate"
and embrace the TechDeck Workstation.

Hi Michael !

"I can tell you that, for the past 2 weeks, and in particular the past 4 days, my passion for the TD has grown, exponentially, by the hour !

TECHDECK is truly brilliant in so many ways and a priceless tool for any guitar person, expert or novice !

I've actually used that 'foam' method for years, and always have custom angled blocks done by my local road case guy, that always last for quite a while, before I replace them with new ones...
This way I can quickly find  and return my tools in an instant, and at 71 years of age, every second matters, haha...

As mentioned, I just worked on 12 guits, basses from the Hollywood School Of Rock, that needed TLC, to be up and running properly..."

Forever thankful,
Kindest regards,

Thomas    N o r d e g g

TechDeck Tips / Components

Thomas Nordegg

- Steve Vai's main Tech for decades
- Tech'd for Yngie Malmsteem
_ Tech'd for Jimmy Page

Neck Surgery Kit

After 23 years of support and encouragement the GRAD courses continue online!

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Jackson Guitar

Video: TechDeck Tips / Components


After 23 years of teaching ...
Guitar Repair and Design Courses,
it has become clear, 
without exception, that
the students who purchased
TechDeck workstations,
are the ones who have 
succeeded and endured 
in the trade ... opening 
up music stores, working for 
music stores, starting up their 
own guitar shops, either building
or repairing guitars,
( in many instances both )
 or picked up 
gigs as touring Techs. 

Taylor Guitar Neck Re-set Video:


Thanks goes out to the 300 + students 
who came to study with me
 over this past couple of decades.
Wishing joy and prosperity to All.

Thanks also goes out to the100's of
 TechDeck Workstation customers,
 from around the World.

We are very excited to be rolling out 
the new Family of Workstations
over the next few months. 

We look forward to meeting many of you 
on our travels as we hit the road this coming year.

Be sure to check the blog and the 
StringTech Workstations YouTube channel
... we'll keep you in the loop ...
as the story continues to unfold.

No-nonsense Guitar Fret Dress Video: 


Steve Vai's Guitar Tech 


The guitar family extrapolates in many directions ...

12 string / Arch top / solid body /
fretted and fretless basses / nylon string classicals
Strats / Tele / Les Paul / etc... etc ...

This opportunity, see you to examine 
and adjust so many different types of guitars, 
and to observe the idiosyncrasies and "rules of physics"
for each member of the guitar family;
this is what has made these videos so endearing.

Restoring, repairing, building, teaching and playing guitar
has been my journey, this past 45 years.

Every year we continue to "raise the bar",
in a constant quest for new and better ways to
 Elevate the the Art of Guitar Repair and Design.

It has always been my mission, to enlighten and inspire 
all of those who have taken the time to attend
 the Conestoga College courses,
and to those from the Global community
who continue to peruse my musings
observations and instructions
here on the McConville Guitars Blog,
and now through the

Patreon Channel

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all,
 for years of support and encouragement.

Dear Michael,
You have been delivering this training through Continuing Education at Conestoga College for over 15 years ( actually 23 years ! ) now.  The quality of your courses and the feedback from your students is nothing but exceptional.  Your passion is contagious.  Your students respect your knowledge and you inspire them to further develop their skills and allow them the opportunity to apply what they have learned.  Conestoga College is proud to have you as a Professor.  You are expert in your field, reliable, punctual and a pleasure to work with!


Sandra Schelling
Dean, Continuing Education and Corporate Training
Conestoga College
( October 2010 )

Back in the mid 1960's, when I first got into the guitar repair scene, there wasn't much to choose from as far as supplies, information and tools. The only places I could find at that time were Franz Dotzauer in Erlangen West Germany and Bill Lewis Musical in Vancouver ( which was eventually bought out and moved to California and re-named Luthiers Mercantile ). 

When the early Guild of American Luthiers issues came out (1972 ) , things finally started to open up. Now of course, thanks to the internet, there are numerous sources to choose from for tools, wood, bodies, necks, hardware, fret supplies, finishing supplies and instructional videos on various repair and fabrication techniques. Realistically, like any trade or craft, it still takes hands-on experience to develop these skills to a level of excellance.

Like any other trade or craft, 
it is not enough to be good ....
 you need to be good and efficient 
in order to turn over the work 
in a timely fashion.   

 These old shots ( before the advent of digital cameras ) taken at my Brunswick St. shop, will give you all a glimpse into a time ( 25 years ago ) where I had just started to teach my first Conestoga College "Guitar Repair and Design" courses and had retro-fitted an old chair-factory into a fully functional Guitar Design / Restoration and Teaching facility .

I am very grateful for this period. 
All of this became possible due to the help, 
faith and encouragement of countless customers,
 students and  friends who shared 
the vision and contributed in so many ways.

Gratefully servicing the guitar industry for 45+ years.  

Thanks goes out to all who have contacted me over the years, 
with encouraging words and suggestions.

"Elevating the Art of Guitar Repair and Design",
continues to be my mission.


              Michael McConville

Sir Paul McCartney's Guitar Tech Sid Pryce

Sid Pryce 

-Paul McCartney's Tech ( since the Beatles !! )
-Tech'd for David Gilmour 
-Tech'd for ACDC

.... and countless others

I am still humbled, grateful and genuinely excited, Every time 

a new customer receives their TechDeck.

Over and over again I witness the type of excitement they feel,

within the first few hours of using this workstation.  

Wishing continued prosperity to all. 

Michael McConville

Dark Horse Chords / From the Master's hand ... as he wrote it.

1957 Gibson Southern Jumbo

Singer songwriter extraordinaire, Dean McTaggert
was gracious enough to play through the chord changes of 
"Dark Horse",  the super hit that he wrote for 
Amanda Marshall.


Fabricated a replacement bridge.

Slotting for perfect intonation

Butterscotch Tele ... mmmm


Fret dress comp nut / retro fit bridge saddles

Retro fitted 3-way saddles for perfect intonation