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Vintage Martin / Guild / Neck Re-set tips

Touching up after correcting neck angle

The plastic binding had pulled away at the waist.  The binding needed to be slipped off from the waist to the dovetail before attempting to re-glue; otherwise, the pressure of forcing the binding down without releasing the the glued portion, will crack the plastic binding .... and then you're into a whole can of worms to correct that situation !  

As you can see in the photos, the Martin guitars ( neck and body ) are finished before the neck is attached.

The Guild and Gibson acoustics are finished after the neck is glued to the body. Although this Guild re-attached very cleanly without any fuss or touchup; generally, you can expect to be spending more time touching up and shading when doing a Gibson or Guild neck re-set. 

Martin neck Dovetail.

Guild neck Dovetail.

Guild dovetailed headblock after neck removal.

Martin dovetailed headblock after neck removal.

LR Baggs to B-Band Conversion
This is the retro-fitted compensated bone nut.

The original LR Baggs system on this Godin was swapped for a B-Band A3 acoustic/electric.