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Free Gibson Hummingbird Restoration Tutorial

76' Gibson Hummingbird

Completed Gibson Hummingbird Restoration

The pictures are not necessarily in order ....
but I hope that this sheds some light on the overall procedure for everyone.


Oddly enough, from the factory ... this guitar was shaded on one side only  !?

In the picture below, you can see the red colouring on the treble side but absolutely no shading on the bass side ... bizzare !

After a neck reset / compensated nut / compensated saddle /
 fingerboard levelling for the new ( proper ) neck angle /  
and fretted .... it never in it's lifetime 
played or sounded anywhere near this good  !! 

Nut blank made of tusq / Brazilian rosewood veneer

Original nut and finished compensated nut ( below )

Fingerboard levelled for new neck angle after reset.

Heating up glue for fingerboard extension with two 60 watt bulbs

Heating up hide glue for dovetail.

When I do a neck reset,
I use carpenters glue for the fingerboard extension
 and hide glue for the dovetail. 

I like to heat up both glues and the wood for maximum adhesion.

Timing is everything when setting up for this gluing operation !  

Clamping configuration for re-gluing neck / fingerboard extension.

The curved wooden caul for the fingerboard extension
applies the clamping pressure evenly.

This is the set up for steaming off the neck.

The TechDeck neck assembly catches the neck when the joint lets go ! 

This relief cut on the lower part of the heel,
with a .010" razor saw, allows the dovetail to release more
easily, and reduces the likelihood of pulling off the finish at the neck to body junction. 

I strap the neck down on the TechDeck neck assembly
and flip it up vertically to give me clear access
to the heel cheeks and dovetail in order to adjust
the neck to body angle for the reset. 

This neck came off nice and clean ...
right on the glue line ... beautiful !

New frets installed .... waiting for compensated nut.

It is my hope that this helps to clarify the procedure for everyone.