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Elevating the Art of Guitar Repair and Design for the last 4 1/2 decades.

Does your guitar always seems to be out of tune ?
Does it seem to be too hard to play ?

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Guitar Repair Course Stratford

Guitar Repair and Design


1916 was a very significant year for Gibson.

 This was the last year that Orville Gibson
was actively involved in the workshop, 
before the rapid decline of his health. 

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Level 2


Building on the skills acquired in the Level 1 training, Level 2 studies will include a complete re-fret of the bound fingerboard and / or electric bass conversion: fretted to fretless (depending on the needs of the students); safe removal of acoustic guitar bridges and fabrication of a new bridge from a rosewood / ebony blank, calculating compensation for intonation and slotting the new bridge for saddle placement, compensated nuts / saddles fabricated from bone blank, acoustic guitar fingerboard / neck removal, broken head-stock ( splicing ) repair and touch-up; repair and replacement of loose braces; fabrication and installation of cross-grain quarter-sawn splices for repair of cracks and fractures, a study of hide glue and it's practical applications, french polish/lacquer-stick for fret repair touch up, installation of an on-board acoustic-electric system; Practical soldering and wiring technique for pick-up replacement, input jacks, volume and tone controls. Workstations and hand tools will be supplied for the duration of the course.

The Level 2 will be influenced, to a degree, by the projects that each individual student brings to the table. This allows each group of students to steer the curriculum to address their own particular needs. 

As in the Level 1 training, we always cover material over and above the designated curriculum.

Level 1                            


This introductory course will provide students with hands-on training in the set-up and repair of acoustic and electric guitars. A detailed study of fretwork technique, including safe fret removal, correcting the lay of the neck, fret levelling, re-crowning and polishing; the fabrication of hand-cut nuts and saddles and an overview of the basic physics and design of the various members of the guitar family. All of the elements that determine the instrument's ability to perform at it's optimum level of playability will be covered. These 3 hr classes are run once a week for 6 consecutive weeks.Workstations and hand tools will be supplied, for the duration of the course. The student will walk away with the ability to accurately set up guitars and to level / edge dress / and refret the fingerboard. There are several dedicated hand tools that are fabricated for the students to take home with them upon completion of the course. Discussion of the business aspect of guitar repairs is also covered for those that are interested in working on instruments to generate a part time or full time income. Support material such as updated price lists for the industry, will assist the student in evaluating the work and assessing the repair price for various common repairs / restorations and adjustments.    

Guitar Repair Workbench

Guitar Technician Training

 Thanks goes out to all of the students from across the Province over this last 23 years; especially those who have driven to Stratford each week from Leamington, Windsor, Barrie, Woodstock,  St.Catherines, Oakville, Georgetown, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, St Agatha, Toronto, Ajax, Oshawa, Lindsay, Niagra Falls, Goderich, Listowel, Peterborough, London, Long Point, Alymer, Guelph, Acton, Hamilton, Midland, Wingham, Dundas, Owen Sound, Chatham, Mississauga and Brampton to attend these classes. 

It has been very rewarding to see so many of you spreading out across the Province and setting up shop.
My wish for all of you, is continued success in the coming years, with all of your guitar-istic goals and aspirations. 


Michael McConville