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1961 Fender Jazz Bass

1961 Fender Jazz Bass Restoration

The holiest of Fender Bass grails is a “stack knob” custom-color Jazz. The “J-Bass” proved the market could support fancy, pricier bass guitars; a solid duco-finish Jazz was a hot-rod four-string nonpareil. By the mid ’60s, they were ordered comparatively often – not so in 1960! Highly collectible since the ’70s, a custom-color Jazz Bass still tops the list today. Sunburst models from the period fetch $16,000 to $21,000.
Quote from Vintage Guitar Mag .....

Back to Perfection !!

A huge thanks goes out to Greg Force for his 
masterful filming and editing of the 
play-by-play restoration of this 61' Jazz Bass.

This video will eventually be available for purchase  !

It's agonizing, to see 
what has been done to the original finish !

A new custom wound set of 
"Bare Knuckles" pickups 
has been ordered from the UK.

I see this so many times; an original finish ruined 
by an amateur attempt at finishing.

The customer is deciding what move to make next ...
now that the playability has been restored.

I'll keep you all posted, as this dilemma unfolds.

This is the perfect example of just how paranoid 
and protective people can be ( and rightfully so !!  )
when it comes to Vintage Instruments.

This instrument sat unplayable, for over 30 years !!

After a few bad repair attempts, the customer 
was terrified to let anyone touch it !

I don't blame him .... I've handled so many 
Vintage Restorations, for exactly that reason.

This is why I get so many instruments shipped,
 to my workshop, from across the continent,
by people who are in exactly
 the same position as David.

I demonstrated to the GRAD students 
precisely how this type of job needs to 
be executed .... flawlessly.

In this case, because of the value of the instrument,
I am personally doing the entire job.

The opportunity for the students 
to get a detailed step-by-step 
demonstration on this restoration; 
is easily worth the GRAD course, 
price of admission !! 

Greg Force is filming a documentary of this entire procedure.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a full length DVD,
let us know.