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Elevating the Art of Guitar Repair and Design for the last 4 1/2 decades.

Does your guitar always seems to be out of tune ?
Does it seem to be too hard to play ?

Text For Repairs and Setups : ( 519 275 1008 )

Precision work / Fast turn-around / Best price \m/ !

TechDeck Workstations 2017

@ Tour Supply 
( link below )

StringTech TechDeck Workstation - Tour Supply

Locked + Loaded for 
Guitar Repair and Design Level 2. 

This long, narrow, extremely flexible, 
34" scale mahogany neck,
on this Gibson Thunderbird Bass, needed to be
 "spot levelled " where the chalk lines are marked;
before the new frets were installed. 

This Thunderbird bass is just one more example 
of a beautiful instrument that was stuffed in a closet
for 10 years ...... until the neck / fret issues were
addressed. The awkward body shape and 
long flexible mahogany neck were 
"no issue what-so ever"
for the TechDeck ... now she is back in action 
playing better than the day it was made.


See #'d video link below,  for examples of 
what you might use this workstation for ....
give this video about 30 seconds to load ...


Guitar Repair and Design
( Fret Dress Video )

" Just the facts Ma'am .....   "

I've had an RCMP Sergeant, an OPP Officer,
and a retired Police Chief, take the 
Guitar Repair and Design Courses.
In EVERY instance,
 the Cops were always the first 
to order a TechDeck. 

These guys have all 
devoted their lives, to
"cutting to the quick", 
 by doing their research,
and getting the facts out of 
any given situation.

It's how they make their living.

I extend my gratitude

 to Greg, Al and Mike 
for your vote of confidence
 and enthusiastic encouragement,
in support of the TechDeck Workstation!

Cheers Guys .... \m/ !



Fret Work 

The TechDeck's Design, 
Function, and Versatility,
 have completely eliminated
 the need for vices, 
dial calliper posts, arbour presses, 
vice grips, or computer controlled
 fret dressing machines.

The TechDeck will turn 
fretwork, into your best friend.

A complete fret dress, 
in 12 minutes ?

 In this part of the world,
the price of a fret dress and setup, 
is approximately $125.00.

The typical Pro-Guitar Techs,
 easily churn out 8 / 10 setups
 per day; generating the purchase
 price of the TechDeck, every 2-days.

My shop's production has tripled.

This is one Gem of a Tool !

Great addition to repair the museum pieces ,
Fenders, Gibsons and Martins are all happy.


Al Maynard
 Pro Guitar Tech 

Windsor, Nova Scotia 


All of your fret-work needs, 
are now met, in one intuitive, 
multi-adjustable package.

With the TechDeck Workstation 
and a few simple hand tools;
 both Fret Work and Fingerboard Levelling, 
become routine tasks.

These are the type of jobs,
 that allow all of the Pro Guitar Tech's, 
Music Stores and Luthiers,
 to flip the purchase of the TechDeck, 
in a couple of days of work. 

Other Uses

You will no longer waste any time at all, 
trying to figure out how to hold
that Ovation, Flying V, or Archtop guitar.

More importantly, the switch-over,
 from one instrument to the next 
is now done in a matter of seconds.

 Any job, 
from basic string changes,
or pickup + hardware  swapping, 
to acoustic guitar neck re-sets, 
 just got a whole lot easier ;^)

The TechDeck eliminates
 the "whoops factor " 
and let's you breathe easy, 
as you triple your shop output 
and "Wow" your customers.

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to drop you a line,
and let you know that I have got a lot of good work out of my TechDeck. ( purchased in March 2014 )

It has become an integral part of my repair work,
and every guitar goes on the TechDeck at some point.

As you have said, I don't really notice it anymore, until I try
and do a job without it. 

It's great for fret dressing, bridge saddle routing,
setup work, nut removal, pickup routing,
acoustic crack repairs ( top or sides ),
gluing broken headstocks, levelling fingerboards 
or just plain old restrings.

I'm probably doing an average of one refret per week.

Hope things are going well for you, your workshop
and the TechDeck, keep up the good work !

Daniel Hoban
(Oct 2015 ) 

Hello Michael,
Long time, no chat. I hope all goes well in beautiful Stratford.
I have been using my TechDeck regularly since I got it from you. I know you've heard this before, but I really don't know how I got along without it. It just makes everything so much easier.

This is Murray's ( rolling cart ) setup in Ottawa.

Best regards from Ottawa. ( May 2015 )
( Murray Jackson ....  bought his TechDeck in November 2011 )

Old timer Ernie King, from
 Wingham Ontario, 
was the first real Luthier to 
encourage me, and to convert
 to this workstation himself, 
at the age of 75 ! 

I remember the day, 14 years ago,
when he first came to my shop
and saw that first proto-type.

Ernie's first comment was ... 

" Mike, I take one look at that thing,
 and I see my whole life pass before my eyes "

Thank you Ernie. 

It's these type of comments, 
 from Pro Guitar Tech's,  Luthiers
and Guitar Enthusiasts,
 from around the world, 
that gave me the conviction
to see this project through to the end.

The Neck Surgery Kit, 
Bridge Slotting Jig,
and all of the other tools and fixtures,
were developed through direct feedback 
from Techs and Luthiers,  
and from practical application in my
own shop, and in the College
 Guitar Repair and Design
classes, over this past 12 years.

Free Guitar Repair and Design Tips

The TechDeck's success, is linked
directly to it's proven advantages, 
versatility and safety. 

TechDeck Workstation Pictorial / Tutorial

I use 6 TechDecks
 for my College Classes, 
and 2 daily,  
in my home workshop.

Any Job You can Imagine
   Just got a whole lot easier.

TechDeck Order / Purchasing
Sales: 519 796 0332

The following accessories are available for all TechDecks:

Mini Neck Assembly $87.50

Extra V-Block $17. 50

 Bridge Slotting Jig $187. 50 

Neck Surgery Kit $315.00

For International Customers: 
Shipping the BSJ in the TechDeck carton,
can amount to quite a significant 
savings in shipping costs.

Acoustic Guitar Saddle - Slotting Jig

Mini-neck assembly ( below )

The mini-neck assembly / 
the bridge slotting - pickup cavity jig,
and the extra ( long ) v-block,
will all fit into the carton with the TechDecks.

The Neck Surgery Kit, is shipped separately,
 in it's own carton. 

For the International customers, 
bundling the accessories in one order,
 amounts to quite a significant 
savings, in shipping costs.

Robert's reaction after receiving his TechDeck .....
"I'm the resident gearhead / tech here 
and I'm very impressed with the unit. 
You pretty much thought of everything. Nice job !!"

Robert Cunningham : Product Management

D'Addario / Planet Waves

Farmingdale , New York

All endorsements 
have been given freely ....
based on the TechDeck's
long proven merit.

This was the day ( April 2009 )
 that the new StringTech "TechDecks" had arrived.
 I was ' One Happy Camper ' that day ! 
Been using both of them every day since ...

and have more than doubled my shop output.

Thanks goes out to the Leather Workers,
 Machinists and the CNC shop 
who have collectively "raised the bar "
on Guitar Repair and Restoration Technique. 

There are now hundreds of happy TechDeck owners 
putting this workstation to good use ..... from Boston Mass, Toronto , Langley BC,  LA, Nashville , Raleigh NC, Las Vegas Nevada, Oakville, Farmingdale New York, Dayton Ohio, Grand Rapids Mich, Moncton NB, Windsor New Brunswick, Halifax , St John's Nfld, Guelph, Kitchener, Hamilton, Dundas, Mississauga, Brampton, London, Paris, Calgary, Atlanta Georgia, Clarkson Australia, NorthCote Australia, Manchester UK , Copenhagen Denmark, Torrington UK , the Isle of Malta and numerous other cities across Canada, US and EU.

Thanks for a great product and exemplary service !
R.L. Burns ( Las Vegas , Nevada ... May 2015 ) 

Hi Michael,

I still use my TechDeck every day. 

Thanks for everything!

Ryan Sullivan
Hamilton, Ontario
Feb 25th /15 

Today, more than any other time
 in the history of the Guitar; 
for anyone who plans to 
work on these instruments,
they need to be prepared for
 the multitude of sizes and shapes
that they'll come across,
 over the course 
of any given day in their shop.

The single most obvious need to address .... is 

The fundamental reasons behind 
the TechDeck's design and enduring success;
are the speed, safety and versatility it 
offers, to anyone ... from beginners, 
to seasoned Luthiers and Pro Guitar Techs,
as they go about their routine 
maintenance procedures,
or complex repair / fabrication
 and restoration tasks.

Hi Michael,
Great to hear from you, our TechDeck is going great, earning us money, and still as good as new (maybe a layer or two of sawdust)
Keep the videos coming - always good to learn!
Many thanks,

The Guitar Repair Workshop Ltd
c/o Professional Music Technology 

Red Rose Retail Park,

Regent Road,


Manchester, UK

M5 3GR

March 19th 2015 

See link below, for a few more examples of 
what you might use this workstation for ....
give this video about 30 seconds to load ...


TechDeck Workstation
"The Definitive Stringed Instrument Workstation"

White Falcon Neck Re-Set + 61' Fender Jazz Bass refret,
59' Precision, 64' Fender Jazz bass

Cameras were rolling again, as 
we continued to compile video footage
for Guitar Repair and Design tutorials. 

Hi Michael

Thanks for sending me the video. Very well done. 

I've been using the TechDeck daily.

Tony Spina ( London, Ontario March 20th 2015 )

Hi Michael,

Great video!  
The TechDeck is a work of genius!

All the best

Bernie Funston
Ottawa, Canada 
( March 2015 )

Intown Guitar Repair

Great video, Michael.  Nice guitar playing as well!  We are loving our TechDeck, it’s paid for itself with the neck surgery jig.  I LOVE that thing. The TechDeck recently came in handy again, in re-binding a Gretsch Country Gentleman.  The TechDeck could hold the instrument in virtually any position I needed which made it a lot easier to work, especially in scraping off all that nasty crumbling binding.  It’s also great for holding a guitar for routing.

I expect you to have great success if you are marketing this for the public. 
 It really is a great tool.

Jeff Rice
Intown Guitar Repair
Atlanta, GA USA ( March 2015 )

Neck Surgery Kit 

Hi Michael, 

Good to hear from you.  I’m loving the Neck Surgery Jig.  I’ve done 5 neck surgeries in the last 6 months.  Works like a charm.  One customer took his ES-339 that I had just completed, to a gig that night, and had it on his guitar stand plugged in.  He tripped over the cord and the guitar went face first onto the stage (the same way he broke it originally) but this time it didn’t break.  It’s stronger after the surgery.
Hope all is well up north.

Jeff Rice

Here is an excellent example of 
why I ( and many others ) have 2 TechDecks:

Loreen McKennitt's Lyon+ Healy 
Troubadour Harp ... needed some attention
in a hurray .... I had it
 in and out of the shop the same day.

I must re-iterate again, my thanks 
to ALL of the amazing people
 who have contributed
 to the Design and Manufacture 
of the World's only serious,  
 Stringed Instrument Workstation. 

The consistent positive feedback and excited comments, 
that we receive from all of the TechDeck owners, 
within hours of using 
this workstation for the first time; 
clearly reflects the sense of empowerment,
 independence, relief, and the freedom, they experience.

This new ability, to be able to handle all of the 
numerous shapes and sizes of instruments ...
( Flying -V shape / Upright Bass / Mandolin / Round Back / Arch-Top )
holding them firmly and safely
in the most advantageous position, 
switching from instrument to instrument, 
in seconds;
is a very liberating feeling !

Thanks goes out to all of you,
 who stepped up to the plate, 
 in the early stages of the game,
 and laid your money down; 
I am still humbled every day,
 by your faith and support. 

Very special thanks to Conestoga College,
Avon Maitland School Board, Steve Faber,
Martin Ritsma and Rob Collings.

Big thanks also to Kirk,  Paul, Flo, Tim
 and all of the custodial staff 
 at NWSS and all of 
the GRAD students from
the last couple of decades.

 The TechDeck instantly becomes the "Golden Goose " 
for Music Store Repair Departments.

Although Pro-Guitar Techs, Guitar Builders

and Music Stores

are leveraging the TechDeck

 to the greatest financial advantage ;

.... a large portion of TechDecks, are now 

being shipped out to Guitar Enthusiasts 

and Collectors;who are using 

the TechDeck to hone their own skills

by "pampering" their private collections, 

and assembling their own"Kit-Guitars" .

I've added these 
 jobs, to illustrate,
 all of these brand new guitars, 
that were desperately in need 
of fret levelling and re-crowning.

Gibson Les Paul
Slash Model

Here is another example of a job done  
 on a brand new Les Paul, with the TechDeck.

Epiphone 339"

New Gretsch


All of the above guitars, Gibson LP Slash , Epi 339' /
Schecter / Gretsch ; changed from being 
"barely worth playing " to "Playing smooth as Silk "
as these Level 2 students ( TechDeck Owners )
finished levelling / re-crowning and 
polishing the frets,  to perfection. 

TechDeck Workstation + Accessories

As you are reading this blog,
Guitar Techs / Builders / Music Stores 
and Guitar enthusiasts, from around the World, 
 are utilizing the TechDeck 
 to expand their workshop's capabilities
and increase their profit, profile + productivity.

"Since purchasing the TechDeck in 2010, it continues to shave dozens of hours off production time for instrument repairs.  The versatility of the adjustable and articulating neck-body support system means set-up time for any style of guitar-type instrument is virtually the same.  In less than a minute I can support and secure it in an optimal position for initial inspection, fretwork, hardware upgrades, binding and bridge repairs, routing, etc.  The robust construction is extremely sturdy, while affording enough portability to carry it along with a tool bag to back-stage call-outs."

Things are going well ~ retired from the army and moving the Luthier business to the next level.  Fortunately enough work that I actually have to turn some away!  Will be teching a tour this summer for Astrid Young so I'm looking forward to that.  Living the dream.

Best wishes and hope to see you soon.

 I've just purchased my second TechDeck ( July 2012 )
to keep up to the increased demand for my work !
Ed Sculthorpe  ~ Hamilton, Ontario

TechDeck Workstations:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the video link,

The TechDeck arrived yesterday, and I am very impressed with it already!
I put it to work straight away with a fret level and dress on a locally (factory) made Maton 325 dreadnought.
after a couple of views of the video I had it all set up with the guitar secured and the neck well supported, the level and dress came out perfect. 
The job went very smoothly with so much less effort to level, crown and polish with the guitar so well held and supported.
The customer picked up his guitar today and was very pleased with the set up.

I will be adding a new bench for the TechDeck and setting up a designated repair area very soon, so will send you a pic when it is all set up.
No more putting away the guitar I'm building to repair or inspect a customers guitar.

Thanks for designing such a great tool, I think it will be invaluable to my business.

Daniel Hoban
Nothcote, Australia

April 30th 2014

 Broken #lespaulrepair Guitar Neck Repair : Elective Surgery

I’m loving the Techdeck.   I appreciate the informative emails. 
I can tell you are an awesome teacher.

Atlanta Georgia

April 29th 2014

Kevin Aram

Kevin converted his mini-neck assembly
 into a neck carving pedestal ... very cool 
thanks for sharing Kevin ! 
Master Classical Guitar Builder
Torrington, UK

Hi Michael,

 TD arrived this morning! I've got a ton of jobs I need to get done first today but I had to open the box and have a quick play, LOVE IT!
Great construction, feels good and solid, I cannot wait to tuck in, its the most exciting thing I've had delivered for a good while :)
I'll be in touch with details of how I get on, I'm going to do a few fret dresses with it and get fully used to it then crack on with the scrapper neck repairs - then the real deals.
Stupidly excited about this, feels like the start of a new era in here!!

Manchester U.K.

ps Thanks for these emails, I totally appreciate how much effort it is to stop and document this stuff. I'm a hands on learner though,when I'm doing a similar job I'll have them to read back through again and walk me through it - so cool to have this resource! 

April 27th 2014

For those of you who are interested in the NSK;
it is shipped out separately, in it's own carton.

The TechDeck shadows every move you make, 
adjusting instantly, and effortlessly, 
to accommodate instruments 
of varying size and shape.

Whether you are a home guitar enthusiast, 
a Music Store teaching guitar lessons,
 a Professional Guitar Repair Shop, 
or a Master Guitar Builder;
the TechDeck will radically 
increase the efficiency, safety and accuracy, 
of all instrument-related tasks.  

If you are looking to double or triple
 your shop output, and attract new customers .... 

The TechDeck is the biggest 
"Guitar Repair Lure",
on the planet ;^ )

Wait until you see
 the type of reaction you'll get
from your own customers,
when they see you strap down 
their instruments on this leather padded
one-stop-multi-adjustable Tech-Machine ! 

Guitar Techs and builders from 
Atlanta Georgia, North Cote Australia,
 Manchester UK, Torrington UK, Calgary, 
California, Portland Oregon,  
Windsor Nova Scotia, Vancouver BC,
  Paris France, Copenhagen Denmark, 
Israel, the Isle of Malta and Las Vegas,
have all jumped onboard and joined in this 
revolution and entirely new approach,
 to Guitar Repair and Design.

Hi Michael,

The TechDeck was a 60th birthday gift for me.
I am a home guitar hobbyist and collector. 
I’m a machinist / millwright by trade,
 so I recognise the genius behind your creation.
I also watched the video for the first time today.
A fine piece of work indeed ! 

Best regards,

Sherwood Park
Alberta, Canada

The Evolution and refinement of the TechDeck

over the past 10 years, has been based on the 
practical application of 10's of thousands
 of "real time" repair,  fabrication, restoration
 and maintenance procedures; completed by students,
 Pro Guitar Techs, High School Music Departments, 
Music stores Luthiers / Guitar -Builders 
and Guitar Enthusiasts.

Fret dressing / levelling / re-frets, 
edge dressing and levelling fingerboards,
guarantees the quickest ROI for the TechDeck.
But .... these are only a few of the countless
stringed instrument maintenance and
 restoration tasks that all become 
"routine jobs" for the TechDeck owners :^ ) 

We have an inventory of 20,000 + photos, of 
every repair and setup procedure imaginable,
from the College classes, my own workshop
and photos sent to me from TechDeck owners.

When it comes to fret work; the TechDeck turns
even the trickiest jobs into routine tasks.

This Black Les Paul Studio ( above )
 needed to have glue-in frets. 
This guitar was previously re-fretted
 with the glue-in method. 


 With the help of the TechDeck, 
you'll complete 
super-accurate fretwork,
 in a fraction of the time
 of conventional methods.

These are the jobs
 that have the
 TechDecker owners, 
tripling there shop output. 

ES-335' Fret Dress

With 2 TechDecks on my workbench,
 I churn out super precise fret work in 
a fraction of the time of conventional methods,
 at a very competitive price .... and still bring in 
a decent dollar for myself, while giving my customers
a superior job, and the best price break anywhere. 

Michael McConville

"I'm quite certain there are other ways of properly holding Guitars while they're being repaired, but I'm sure glad I don't have to spend years trying to find out."
( Guitar collector and TechDeck Owner ) Greg Force, Woodstock, Ontario

Click below to see new fret dress video

Over the past 10 years,
 the TechDeck and it's accessories and attachments,
have become "the essential tools" for numerous 
Professional Guitar Technicians, Guitar Enthusiasts, 
Collectors, Music Stores, Music teachers , Schools and
 Guitar builders, from St Johns Nfld, Isle of Malta,
 Alameda California, Dayton Ohio, Farmingdale NY,
Boston Mass., Las Vegas Nevada,
Windsor Ontario, Toronto Ontario, Nashville Tenn,
Raliegh NC, Hamilton Ont, Kitchener Ont,
London Ont, Grand Rapids Mich, Oakville,
Brampton, Mississauga, Manchester UK, 
Sherwood Alberta,Windsor Nova Scotia, 
Northcote Australia, Perth Australia, Denmark,
 Israel, France, Ottawa Canada, 
and dozens of other towns and cities 
across the North American continent and 
around the world. 

 Each month, 100's of various 
repair and maintenance procedures 
are now being performed on 
1000's of instruments by
those who have purchased the 
TechDeck Workstation. 

Guitar Fret Dress Video


Gibson Flying V Neck Re-glue

( Below )

In this instance, the TechDeck's leather body straps were
used like "guy wires",  to keep the "neck in traction"
and perfect alignment, during the reglue.

The neck assembly firmly held the neck face-down, while the
space between the leather padded body support rails,
allowed free and easy access for the clamps.

This is actually a "dumpster dive" guitar
that someone found in a garbage dumpster 
behind an apartment complex ( lol ) !

It was a bit of a geometry / trigonometry lesson; 
"trussing this job up",  during the gluing process,
 to get all of the clamping tension
perfectly aligned ! 
This Flying V Restoration, is one more example 
of how the TechDeck turns a 
potentially "nightmarish  scenario", 
into a routine task. 
Fret dresses / re-frets / setups / restoration work  / 
 neck resets / pickup installs / finishing + touch-up work
levelling fingerboards / neck shaping / kit guitar assembly

Any job you can imagine 
.... just got a whole lot easier 
;^ )  

"The TechDeck is a fantastic extension of our business
 ..... a must have if you repair."
-Les Posan Jr. The Brantford Music Centre

Although, music stores, professional guitar tech's and builders
are the ones who are leveraging the greatest financial benefit
from the TechDeck's virtues; 
a much broader audience of "general guitar enthusiasts"
are also seeing the financial benefits, as well as
having the satisfaction of developing their own skills,
and building their confidence, while safely working
on their own leather padded, multi-adjustable workstation.

 This Monday night class, completed partial refrets,
Fret dresses, edge dressing, cutting bone saddles, 
cutting bone nuts, and complete setups on a,
Gibson Les Paul standard, Martins , Guild,
Vintage Tele, Arch top, 12-string
by Week 4 of the Level 1 course !

 Guitar players, teachers, collectors and enthusiasts,
are all discovering the satisfaction, delight, and
 sense of security, that comes from working on  
the TechDeck Workstation while maintaining 
their own "personal brigade" of instruments; 
tweaking and adjusting them to their own preferred specs !

The StringTech / TechDeck
Engineering Team, has streamlined
 the whole process of working on stringed musical instruments.

" The TechDeck makes my work repairing instruments so accessible, protective and easier.
 From the simplest jobs to the intricate work our profession demands. 
A game-changer!"
Chris Van de Maele  London , Ontario

Canadian Music Trade

Product Profile:

Canadian Musician Magazine

StringTech TechDeck Guitar Workstation

StringTech has begun shipping TechDeck, a guitar workstation designed and engineered to enhance the workflow of guitar repair, construction, or maintenance. Featuring a one-stop, multi-adjustable platform design, the TechDeck quickly adjusts and adapts to accommodate all sizes and shapes of stringed musical instruments.
Utilizing three pivoting platforms that can be oriented with single-hand adjustment, the TechDeck firmly secures the instrument in a variety of positions enabling the operator to orientate the guitar in the most accessible manner. The TechDeck also features a stowable design, allowing for easy storage and touring portability. The TechDeck is built in Canada and is designed to withstand the rigours of professional use.

For more information, contact StringTech:

  Product / History / Endorsements

Personally speaking, in 2006 /2007,
over an 18 month period
while bench testing the TechDeck,
 I completed over
1500 repairs and adjustments
 for a national music store chain, 
in my home workshop.

 These repairs were done 
over and above,
my regular ( private ) work schedule. 

 That 18 month period,
proved to be the
 "ultimate testing ground" ,
 as I utilized 2 of the
 TechDeck Workstations
from that first production run.

The TechDeck makes life so much easier
for everyone who
works on guitars or stringed instruments,
as a hobby, or as a profession.

The TechDeck has been used exclusively, for the
Guitar Repair and Design Courses at Conestoga College. 

This workstation has given students from all walks of life, 
the chance to handle the instruments 
safely, and with confidence, 
as they develop their skills.

Michael McConville:  Luthier / Teacher / Guitar Technician 
Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Many guitar teachers 
are now generating extra income,
with the TechDeck,
by offering these extra repair and setup
 services to their students !

"As a newcomer to guitar repair, I have built my confidence 
with the flexibility and the added level of security that the TechDeck provides me".  
Michael Hubley   Dundas, Ontario

These Level 2 students ( below ) 
are not "posing for the camera"; 
they are completely absorbed in their work, 
as the TechDeck safely holds their instruments, 
allowing them to concentrate on the immediate
 "task at hand".

BTW: All six of these students purchased a TechDeck


The TechDeck comes completely lubed, calibrated and ready to go
the minute you pull it out of the shipping carton.

The owner's manual will walk you through
 the basic lubrication points 
and calibration adjustments.

 This was the day that all 6 of these students 
picked up their TechDecks.

The TechDeck's ease of use and versatility,
has allowed the students to continue to develop 
their instrument repair /
 building and restoration technique,
long after their completion of the GRAD course.

“With a TechDeck, repairing stringed instruments of all kinds is made much simpler. From stand-up Bass to Electric guitars. The reasons are vast, and would require quite a list to cover them all! But once you use one, it speaks for itself.”

Erich Walther    Woodstock Ontario

Many students have started their own repair businesses;
others are just having fun repairing and setting up 
instruments for themselves;
especially those who are assembling their "kit-guitars".

Marc Shickluna  London Ontario  

I have used the TechDeck for about  7 years now. It’s my guitar repair “operating table”. All the work I do on guitars, from set up, fret dress, refretting, or mods, is done on the TechDeck. With this set up, I can easily move around the guitar, approaching it from all angles. The body and neck support platforms are quickly and easily adjusted, to accommodate any guitar size or shape. The guitars are completely supported, without any stress on the body, neck or headstock. There are several straps that can be used to secure the guitar to the TeckDeck. It only takes a few seconds to properly adjust the TechDeck and secure the guitar.

I love the small compartments on the TechDeck for those small screws,springs, frets, or any of the other ( easily lost )  small hardware. There are also two storage compartments in the main frame, that offer room to store your extra straps or whatever you like.

Marc Shickluna 

London Ontario

" The TechDeck eliminates any guess work or fiddling about in an attempt to safely secure the instrument in preparation for repair work, thus providing a much shorter turn around time on each setup or repair job".

 Mike Elioff     

Oakville, Ontario

Murray Jackson 

Guitar Tech / Thematic Crossword Puzzle Designer for Premier Guitar Magazine 

Ottawa, Ontario
"I am very,very happy with the TechDeck.
 It's adaptability and quality are beyond compare."

      Any Stringed Instrument

Any Size or Shape

"I have been using the TechDeck 
( and the previous model of the StringTech workstation )
as my main repair bench professionally 
now approaching the 15 year mark.
I have 2 other repair benches, 
one from a popular company, however,
 both of those other benches run
 a distant second to the TechDeck".

"What I like most about 
my TechDeck, is the versatility."

Al Selinger .... Listowel, Ontario

Any Job You could Imagine
   Just got a whole lot easier

"The Definitive Guitar Workstation"

With quick, one-handed adjustment, the TechDeck Workstation "shadows" every move you make, adjusting instantly, to accommodate the instrument's shape and size. This allows you to relax and focus on the "job at hand", while the instrument is held in the best position possible for each task. 

The TechDeck's  revolutionary, patented  multi-adjustable design

 simplifies and speeds up all operations 

 from basic set-ups, fret work and maintenance, to full fledged building and restoration procedures. Any shape or size can now be supported quickly, firmly and safely on the TechDeck without ever subjecting the instrument to the dangerous crushing force of vices or clamps. 

 We have all watched YouTube videos 
of people trying to work on instruments with a towel
 on the kitchen table, or a 2x4 with a notch in it etc .... 
as the guitar wobbles and shifts around the bench.

"Anyone who has ever done any kind of work with their hands, especially on guitars, knows how often a third, fourth or fifth hand are required.  The TechDeck IS my extra helping hand(s)!  The way it holds and supports the body and neck in place safely and securely, proves without a doubt, that this is the only way to work on a guitar. " 

Dave Moore

Inisfil  Ontario 

The escalating value of Vintage instruments 
over the last few decades, has
increased the "liability factor " even further.

When you take in a guitar valued at 
$1200 / $4500 / $17,000 / $45,000 !! ++
to perform a $35 / $60 / $240 / $400 / $1200 
adjustment, repair or restoration job;
it can be pretty intimidating as .....

There is an incredible amount of liability
involved, each time you handle a delicate
stringed instrument !

When I am handling instruments like this 1916 Gibson, 
I can relax , breathe easy, and focus completely,
on the immediate task at hand.  

Check this link out to see just how paranoid people can get, when it comes to 
someone working on their guitars.

The TechDeck adjusts lighting fast and supports 

"both body and neck simultaneously"

Relax and keep the focus  ON YOUR WORK ;
instead of being preoccupied with the danger
 of scraping, crushing, or marring the guitar.

Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar Buffet

When handling any delicate or valuable vintage instruments .....

The TechDeck addresses this most fundamental need,
by securing the instruments, firmly and safely;
before any work is performed.

Handling an Upright Bass

Even handling the big boys ... is a now piece of cake. 

I've been using my TechDeck for the past 7 years; and it still remains at the top of my favourite tools list. It makes everything easier, from basic string changes to fret work and different types of gluing jobs. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to use this wonderful tool and would recommend it to anybody in the business who's looking to "complete" their guitar tool arsenal!
(August 2010)
Jeremy VanHalteren ..... Lindsay Ontario

Guitar Repair "Swat Team" ... locked and loaded.

 Each unit is hand assembled and calibrated 
as they go through their final inspection before shipping.
 The TechDeck is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door. 

 Customers of all ages, from 15 -19 year old up-and-comers,
 to 55 -84 year old veterans, 
 are using the TechDeck to make life easier, as they work on 
 guitars and other members of the stringed instrument family.

The TechDeck Workstation
is an enduring design that
constantly surprises and delights,
all who have had the chance to experience
this whole new approach to Luthiery.

"Where has this thing been all my life"
"I’ve been getting some setup work, $300-400 a week,
 so things are going well, the TechDeck is great".
( The first 2 weeks of TechDeck ownership June 2012 )
Cliff Goodwin  Boston Mass. USA

We are especially grateful for
 the faith and encouragement
of all who have supported us
through the early stages 
of our development.

We are thrilled to see the TechDeck 
customer base grow, spreading it's reach
across the continent, and around the Globe !

The TechDeck is peerless
 in form and function.

Guitar Tech

 " There is no system out there that compares with what you have. 
Every Guitar Tech needs one of these 
instead of the cheap, flimsy or dangerous, alternatives. "
Robert Schubert...  Alameda California