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Steve Vai / Thomas Nordegg / and Acoustic Guitar Build Class + Guitar Neck Surgery

 Michael McConville Thomas Nordegg

Winter NAMM 2017 
January 19th - 22nd 
Booth # 1009 

Thomas is aslo Yngwie Malmsteen's Tech,
has Tech'd for Jimmy Page and countless others.

I cut the second dado in the Gibson SG
at the beginning of the acoustic guitar build class today
and installed the second spline

All hands were on deck for the
 acoustic guitar build class tonight

Michael Wilson has 2 guitars on the go ... !

Michael "quenching the soundboard "
sanding, flexing and tapping.

Steve Faber was doing all of the final fitting 
for this parlour guitar sound board
 to the back / side assembly

Darcy "nailed " the Gibson "Keb Mo" finish 
that Peter had requested for his Parlour Guitar.

FYI: The bridge that you see is a faux mdf bridge; 
which is used during the finishing process.

This "faux bridge " will be slipped off next class,
 then the real rosewood bridge will be glued 
directly to the raw wood of the soundboard.

Darcy was so busy helping everyone else today
that he barely had enough time to work on his own guitar.
Although we did manage to lay out the bridge placement
and he trimmed his rosewood headstock faceplate 
flush with the mahogany peg head.