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Elevating the Art of Guitar Repair and Design for the last 4 1/2 decades.

Does your guitar always seems to be out of tune ?
Does it seem to be too hard to play ?

Text For Repairs and Setups : ( 519 275 1008 )

Precision work / Fast turn-around / Best price \m/ !

Guitar Tech's Thomas Nordegg and Sid Pryce .... and their TechDeck "Elite" Workstations

 @ Tour Supply

We are humbled and honoured to have
 both Thomas Nordegg and Sid Pryce !!
"step up to the plate"
and embrace the TechDeck Workstation.

Hi Michael !

"I can tell you that, for the past 2 weeks, and in particular the past 4 days, my passion for the TD has grown, exponentially, by the hour !

TECHDECK is truly brilliant in so many ways and a priceless tool for any guitar person, expert or novice !

I've actually used that 'foam' method for years, and always have custom angled blocks done by my local road case guy, that always last for quite a while, before I replace them with new ones...
This way I can quickly find  and return my tools in an instant, and at 71 years of age, every second matters, haha...

As mentioned, I just worked on 12 guits, basses from the Hollywood School Of Rock, that needed TLC, to be up and running properly..."

Forever thankful,
Kindest regards,

Thomas    N o r d e g g

TechDeck Tips / Components

Thomas Nordegg

- Steve Vai's main Tech for decades
- Tech'd for Yngie Malmsteem
_ Tech'd for Jimmy Page

This was never about price,

 or any type of an "ego-driven" objective.

It was a simple, straight forward mission:

To create the safest 

and most versatile workstation possible. 

Guitar Repair and Design

The TechDeck's design, 
function and versatility, 
has eliminated the 
 the need for vices, dial callipers  
arbour presses, vice grips,   
or computer controlled
 fret dressing machines,
when working on guitars.
All of your fret-work needs 
are now met,
 in one multi-adjustable package.
Fret work and fret dressing 
 just got a whole lot easier. 

Thomas Nordegg 

A lifetime dedicated to “Stoking the Fires” behind the scenes, 
for the World’s most Scorching Hot Guitarists !

 Thomas's "Full Metal Jacket "
version of the TechDeck "Elite"
 .... locked and loaded.

"I’m in the middle of prepping for my upcoming 
(April) Asia run with Vai’s GENAXE Tour,
 but will keep continuously hot-rodding my TECHDECK,
 as it’s already taking over my daily most favorite passion,
 to just open it and set it up for having the best time,
 to dive into the deepest corners of any stringed instrument, 
or having actually a real good time, just changing strings ! "

"Wait till you see what I’ve done so far with TECHDECK,
 rendering a ‘FORMULA ONE' version of certainly
 the ultimate solution for anybody that is serious
 or just really passionate about the guitar !"

" I managed to get loads of tools,
of course ever changing, 
by strategically employing FOUR Magnet Bars,
 offering plenty real estate
for handy tool parking / access ! "

"Can’t wait to have it on a Tour ! !"

Kindest regards,

Thomas Nordegg

"I've stood back and smiled, and shook my head,
  as the industry has gone around and around,
chasing it's tail over the last decade ...
trying to find a solution ... spending scads of cash;
while I calmly show total beginners how
 to do flawless fretwork on the TechDeck, 
after an hour of training". MMcC

I use 6 / 8 TechDecks
 for my College Classes, 
and use 2 daily,  
in my home workshop.

Hello Michael,
Long time, no chat. I hope all goes well in beautiful Stratford.
I have been using my TechDeck regularly since I got it from you. I know you've heard this before, but I really don't know how I got along without it. It just makes everything so much easier.

Best regards from Ottawa. ( May 2015 )
( Murray Jackson ....  bought his TechDeck in November 2011 )

Thanks for a great product and exemplary service!
R.L. Burns Las Vegas Nevada ( May 2015 )

See the link below for a few examples
 of what you might use this workstation for ....

( click link and  wait 8 seconds for it to load ...... ) 


The new ability to be able to handle all of the 
numerous shapes and sizes of instruments ...
( Flying -V shape / Upright Bass / Mandolin / Round Back / Arch-Top )
holding them firmly and safely
in the most advantageous position, for 
all of the various tasks and procedures,
switching from instrument to instrument in seconds;
 this is a very liberating feeling !

With the help of the in-class TechDecks,
my Level 1 students, by their second class, 
are routinely doing fret dresses
 / levelling / re-crowning and polishing .... 

A customer's comment after he picked up his Strat, 
from my shop, this week.
Over the last couple of years my enjoyment of playing the Strat 
has been slowly declining without realizing
 that the instrument needed quality work. 
However, after playing it more today I got back those 
old feelings of satisfaction and contentment.
 Sooo satisfying. To my ear it even has a richer more complex tone.
 Excellent work!
Thank you, thank you and oh yeah thank you,
Brian Hadley

BTW: The students and myself constantly correct jobs 
that were done using other methods ..... including 
jobs that employed the use of $100, 000  ++ CNC machines 
and multi-post dial callipers arrangements ;^ ) 

 The TechDecks that we use in GRAD classes allow us to
and execute these jobs flawlessly, with some very simple, 
inexpensive tools that I make up for the students to
take home with them after the courses are completed.

I routinely make up a selection of 6 sets,
 of 3 sanding blocks each, for my entire 
Level 2 class, and hand them all out 
to my 6 students, for free .
With those free sanding blocks, 
in combination with the TechDeck Workstation;
I demonstrate to the Level 2 students 
how to do a perfect radius or compound radius 
for any guitar on the planet in a few minutes.
 Dollar - for - dollar, 
the TechDeck is the best investment
you'll ever make. 
The TechDeckers from Denmark to Australia, 
Italy to the UK, New York to Toronto, 
LA, BC, Nova Scotia, Calgary, Nfld,
Atlanta Georgia, Ohio, Oregon  etc..   etc..    
they are all easily
" turning over the price of their workstations" 
every month ; while increasing
 the capabilities of their shop,
 and raising the 
profile of their businesses.
Every time a customers see's 
you strap down their guitar 
on the leather padded multi-adjustable TechDeck; 
the word spreads, and your business grows ;^ ) !

When it comes to any type of fret work, 
 fingerboard levelling or  radiusing,
the TechDeck Workstation gives you
serious ROI, in short order !
The fret work,
 fingerboard radiusing  and levelling,
are just a couple of examples
 of the endless list of jobs,
 that the TechDeck turns into 
routine daily work.
Jeff Hayward ( Level 2 student )
just sent this message after trying out his "free" blocks
 at home ... ( Dec 12th 2013 )
Hi Mike,

I'm just finishing the neck to body levelling 
on the harmony fingerboard (the 3 blocks you made rock!)
what would you suggest to finish? Do I scrape, 
800 grit or just leave it? I'll be doing the fret work
tonight and tomorrow to hopefully have her ready by Saturday.

BTW the harmony has a compound radius 9.5 at the head to 12 
at the body. (again, the small blocks rock!)

Jeff Hayward

OK Jeff,
Do not scrape !! ... it will only leave chatter marks
 on the fingerboard and mess up that nice compound radius.
You can finish up with 120 / 240 / 320 grit sandpaper.
See you on Saturday :^ ) ! 
BTW: Jeff bought a TechDeck too ;^ )

TechDeck Order / Purchasing
Sales: 519 796 0332
The following accessories are available for all TechDecks:

Mini Neck Assembly $87.50

Extra V-Block $17. 50 
Bridge Slotting Jig $187. 50 

Neck Surgery Kit $315.00 

For International Customers: 
Shipping the BSJ in the TechDeck carton,
can amount to quite a significant 
savings in shipping costs.