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Thomas Nordegg's "Executive" TechDeck ... ready for the Steve Via Generation AXE tour.

Thomas Nordegg sent this short video clip,
from his California Workshop, of his 
"Full Metal Jacket" TechDeck "Elite" 
Locked and loaded for Steve Vai's 
Generation AXE Tour ....
with Yngwie Malsteem / Zak Wylde 
Nuno Bettencourt and Tosin Abasi

Dimitri  re-glued the loose headstock overlay
on this bouzouki.
He finished up the partial refret 
at home on his TechDeck. 

Eric has done a complete refret 
on his Eric Johnson Strat.
In this shot, he was just removing the nut 
in preparation for his comp-nut
next class.

 He did all of the 
final prep for next week's class,
at home on his TechDeck.

Dereck levelled crowned and polished 
the frets and setup this guitar.

Jesse dressed levelled and polished
his frets / removed the nut and prepared the
compensated nut blank for next class.

He finished it up at home, on his TechDeck.

Steve removed all of the frets on his guitar and
 prepared all of the new frets for installation
 at home, on his TechDeck.

Jay steamed the dovetailed neck joint off his 
guitar, to reset the neck angle.
He also fitted the nut blank for a 12-string compensated nut 
on his TechDeck.