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Elevating the Art of Guitar Repair and Design for the last 4 1/2 decades.

Does your guitar always seems to be out of tune ?
Does it seem to be too hard to play ?

Text For Repairs and Setups : ( 519 275 1008 )

Precision work / Fast turn-around / Best price \m/ !

Free Vintage Gibson L-50 Restoration tutorial.

I consider it a great privilege to have worked on so many wonderful guitars over the last 46 years ... I never take it for granted.

I will occasionally, upon request of the buyer or seller, act as a liaison to broker a fair deal for both parties but my main interest is the instruments themselves .... and bringing them up to their maximum potential as fully functional instruments. It is always very gratifying to breathe new life into an old instrument that has sat dormant for so many years.

(Above) You  can see an early proto-type of the TechDeck Workstation.  
The refinement and final design was accomplished over the course of  a few thousand
repairs and restorations, before we distilled the product down to it's present form. 

After a complete refret/new fingerboard binding / Ivory nut / top crack spliced /side repaired /
and ' retro-fit ' Kent Armstrong floating bridge pickup with volume and tone controls ; rest assured that this guitar will be played more than it ever was !

Seeing as this guitar already had a hole drilled in the side .. after some consultation with the customer, we decided to reinforce the hole with a cross grain patch and utilize it for our input jack .

This a quarter-sawn cross-grain patch , to prevent the top from splitting any further.

The Kent Armstrong floating pickup is mounted on the aftermarket replacement pickguard.

This shot is here ... because she just looks so darn pretty layin' there !
Complete Re-Fret + Ivory nut and new binding.
Those brass thumbwheel adjustment discs were buffed out and lightly lubed ... they now turn as smooth as silk under full string load !

This is what it looked like when it arrived
This is the jig I made up to cut out the mess with a 60 Degree 'V' bit.
Another shot of the bash ... pretty nasty.

Ready for the patch

New binding bass side.

Original plastic nut

Finished side repair

Gluing inlay pieces

Setting up for inlay re-glue.