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Free National Tri-Tone and Taylor 12-string Guitar Repair Tech Tips

Rick Taylor dropped this guitar off for a pickup install after indicating that he was ready to drive to Michigan USA to get this job done because after checking with the "12th Fret" and a couple of other places within a comfortable driving distance of home ( Bayfield ) he had failed to find anyone who had done this installation. After hearing this, I took a few dozen photos of the job-in-progress and decided to post this tutorial / pictorial for the "12th Fret" and the "Guitar Repair Community" as well as my "Guitar Repair and Design Course" students ( past and future ) .
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Click to see fret dress video !

The following photos are a step by step pictorial / tutorial for the installation of the Highlander pickup system for the Tri-Cone National steel.
This is a fairly involved installation, so if you are thinking about doing this job and have any questions ... zip me an email .. I'll be happy to walk you through it !

StringTech / TechDeck Info:

The clearance between the "chrome clip" ( see previous picture) and the pickup ..... " WITH THE STRINGS TUNED TO CONCERT PITCH " .... needs to be between 1/16" and 3/32".This is the single most critical part of this install.

Taylor 12 String bone nut detail

This 12 String guitar now plays easier than most six string guitars !

Action after neck re-set
This is a nice guitar that sat virtually un-played for 10 years.

12 String Acoustic compensated bone saddle detail

Removed neck before clean up .
Top surface cleaned up and ready for neck + fingerboard extension.

The relieved neck heel ( face ) and cleaned up fingerboard.

Taylor neck re-set
Neck and top surface ready for re-attachment.
Lowest possible treble side action before re-set

Lowest possible bass side action before re-set.
Saddle bottomed out and action still un-playably high.