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Free Taylor Guitar - Neck Repair + Re-set tips


Here is another Taylor Neck joint configuration.

This guitar came in for a few things:
neck reset / comp nut / new saddle / fret dress.


A Taylor neck in need of repair.

This break across the insert is the most common form of heel fracture for the bolt on neck acoustics.

Gluing up the broken heel fragment  ... is the first step, making sure it lines up perfectly so it is strong enough for the next step.
In order to mill a relief cut into the face of the heel to receive a cross grain splice, I used this ( Leather-lined )  clamping configuration on my drill press table ( tilted slightly ) and the cross vice to gently feed the heel face into the slitting cutter.

These 2 cuts, perpendicular to the fracture, with matching hardwood ( mahogany ) inserts, glued-in on either side of the brass threaded insert; leaves us with a neck heel that is stronger than the original heel.  

I cleaned up the top surface and fingerboard extension to prepare for re-glue. Originally, the fingerboard extension had a small swath of crazy glue ( see photos below ) , which was glued to the lacquer finish. Now we have 100% wood to wood contact for the fingerboard extension.

After the splices were inlaid, the repair area shaded, 
top coated and the neck to body angle reset 
to buy back some height on the bridge saddle,
( this guitar was in need of a neck reset anyway .... so now's the time to do it !)
 the neck is ready to be re-attached to the body.

This is another job where the TechDeck rises to the occasion. 
The void between the body support rails allows me to 
slip the clamps on for the neck re-glue 
while holding the instrument with the neck assembly straps.

The original crazy glue on the fingerboard extension
 before I cleaned it off. The inlaid splices, before leveling.