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Santa Cruz Tony Rice Model

This is "Nuclear-Powered Guitar Dynamo"
 Tommy Roach's "Tony Rice model": Santa Cruz, 
which he dropped off for a new 
nut installation and an overall tweak.

Thank you Tommy for entrusting
 this beautiful piece to my care.

After "testing the waters" 
with a couple of Taylors and an Ibanez
that I had worked on for him
 and his students, he returned the 
third time, with the his Santa Cruz. 

When I'm working on instruments of this caliber , 
I can relax , knowing that this ( $7000.00 ) guitar
 is held firmly and safely in the optimum position
to do my micro-surgery to get the original nut out cleanly
 and to fit the new nut accurately. Tommy had confided in me, after his guitar was returned in top shape,
that the first thing he looked for before
 leaving his Santa Cruz ......
 ( although he never said anything at the time ) ,
was to make sure that I wasn't about to put his 
 guitar in a vice.

He had noted the  leather padded  TechDeck Workstation,
 saying   .... that was definitely one of the deciding factors 
that convinced him that it was safe to leave the guitar
 with this guy.

I have to say thanks again, 
to the entire StringTech Engineering Team,
 for an amazing tool that has, reduced my stress level dramatically, especially when handling
 high end instruments like this one; 
and improved my whole approach
 to Guitar Repair and Design !