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Elevating the Art of Guitar Repair and Design for the last 4 1/2 decades.

Does your guitar always seems to be out of tune ?
Does it seem to be too hard to play ?

Text For Repairs and Setups : ( 519 275 1008 )

Precision work / Fast turn-around / Best price \m/ !

Guitar Repair and Design Courses 2017

Binding and Purfling

Bridge Re-Glue

The Crazy Maple back !

BTW: That's Her Sister in the background 
same flinch of ( raw wood ) maple, same sitka top wood.

A 12 String Guitar that actually plays in tune ??!!??

Oh Ya ... have a listen ...

Ready for tapered end splice ...

Another flawless dovetail .....

Dovetail / spalted maple rosette /
soundport / cedar top

BTW: That's a left handed cutaway in the background 

Neil finished up the compensated nut 
on his American Strat.

Rick re-glued the the 12-String guitar bridge.
Rick is back for a "Victory Lap " after completing 
his Level 1 a few years ago; picking up a TechDeck 
and completing the Strat Build Course. 

Ryan, laying out the compensated nut
for his 8-string ... we'll finish it up next class.

Guitar Repair and Design Courses

Looking for an intellectual, tactile and 
conceptual challenge ?

Shut off your computer for 3 hours a week,
and come join us, for an exercise
in Design Studies, Analysis,
Trouble-shooting, Problem-Solving, 
Geometry, Engineering, History
and more .... 
all "under the umbrella" of

 "Guitar Repair and Design" Studies ;^ )  !!

Check out this 60's era',
 Trini Lopez copy 

Week 5 ... and the Boys were Rockin' !

Kids in a candy shop ;^ ) !

 The students are happy
 to spend the money that they
 would have spent anyway .... 
getting their instruments setup .... 
the only difference is ....

Now they are getting a front row seat
in the Luthier's repair shop ....

Acquiring a truck load of 
Guitar-related knowledge ....

Having the time of their lives ....

AND getting all of their guitars
 taken care of too ;^) ... !! 

Michael's Roster ....

Level 1
 Week 4

All of theses guys had covered, or
 exceeded, the price of administration
 by their 4th class;
by saving the money they would have spent on 
Guitar Setups and calibration ;^ ).

Increasingly more and more students, are signing up 
to learn precisely what is involved, in a professional 
guitar setup, and to have a clear understanding why 
Guitarists are willing to pay a professional price 
for a professional job.

BTW: 3 of the setups that I did in my own shop 
this past week, were brand new guitars that came with a
"free setup " from the place of purchase.

( you get what you pay for ... you pay nothing ... well ....   )

 All 3 of those customers 
were not interested in a free setup.

There were HAPPY to pay for a professional setup;
knowing that their guitars will be absolutely 
PERFECT when the job is done ;^ ) !

Many of these students have already started to 
 " tool up " 
and continue to do this type of work to 
generate a part time or full time income.

.....  we've worked on Epi 330 / 
Left handed Les Paul / a Classical 
Precision Bass / Fender Strat
a couple of Seagull acoustics /
7 string Ibanez / 
and more .... 

plenty more to come ...
stay tuned ... 
we are just ramping up ;^ )

For anyone old enough to 
remember these .... 

This one is a 2013 re-issue model.

Fender's answer to the Gibson ES-335'

I used this guitar in a tutorial 
filming session last night...
to demonstrate a maple-neck 
fret dress and compensated nut.

I'll post a few more shots
 after I finish it up today.

I just barely had enough "Real Estate" ( below ) 
 on the "saddle travel" to squeak out the intonation. 
The compensated nut was the final touch  ....
It is now 100% Perfectly in tune  .

This is now locked and loaded 
... ready for some rippin' guitar licks !

Customer's response, after the ultra-tweak ;^ )

I plugged her in when I got home and Holy S**t!!!!!! 
 Now that's a damn fine guitar!!!

It's totally changed the feel!!

Thank you for your Mastery Michael!


The Fender Starcaster ( above) ,
 was originally introduced 
in the late 70's ( 1977 / 78 ).

Warren ... moving right along with his 
Parlour Nylon string soundboard bracing !

Jordan will be gluing up all of his 
Steel String Parlour braces next class

Rob has the dovetail fitted and is now moving on
to the headstock overlay / binding and fingerboard.

This group of Guitar Enthusiasts 
"dug right in" on the first night ( Monday
of the 2014 Fall GRAD Session

Guitar Repair and Design

People Get Ready !

BB + Koko 

Something you've got baby ....

Gearing up for the 2015 Session


Dear Michael,
You have been delivering this training through Continuing Education at Conestoga College for over 15 years now.  The quality of your courses and the feedback from your students is nothing but exceptional.  Your passion is contagious.  Your students respect your knowledge and you inspire them to further develop their skills and allow them the opportunity to apply what they have learned.  Conestoga College is proud to have you as a Professor.  You are expert in your field, reliable, punctual and a pleasure to work with!

Sandra Schelling
Dean, Continuing Education and Corporate Training
Conestoga College


Calm before the Storm

Rob Fletcher ( London Ontario ) and
 Chris Knowles ( Hamilton )
are previous students who completed 
their Level 2 studies a few years ago. 
Having these two students in the class,
 has stepped up the level of activity, 
to the highest it has ever been.

With 6 neck surgeries on the go,
we prepared all of the splines in advance. 

Guitar Repair and Design
Conestoga  College

Taylor Neck Reset / Les Paul ...
Norman Headstock Surgeries


The customer brought this Gibson Les Paul in for neck surgery 
after seeing the "glued up break" ( no splines )
 let go, for the 3rd time !

This 1960 Gibson VOS LP neck, is now stronger 
than the day it was made !

Hamilton TechDeck owner, returning Level 2 student, 
Chris Knowles, jumped right in for 2 neck surgeries 
after picking up his neck surgery kit.

12 string back replacement, and 71' Jazz bass refret.

This Gibson LP V.O.S. 1960 Classic
neck, was broken previously, 3 times.

So when this one showed up at my shop; 
I decided to bring it in for the  "Real Time"
Neck surgery tutorial, for my students and all of the 
TechDeck / NSK owners.

I had a Cello in the shop a few years back 
from the late 1800's ; the multitude of repairs 
that were done on the neck / top / back / sides ;
were all visible, but beautifully executed.

I don't like to colour the neck with solid colour 
inorder to "hide" the repair.

I've seen a lot of pictures where the neck
 has been painted black over the repair;
I find this really "garish" and obvious. 

At a glance  ... you  
have to "really look", to see the
 "faint ghost marks" of the splines.

I'm OK with that ... 
even a complete headstock
 replacement will be seen ( scarf joint ),
"through the shader coats". 

The old glue was steamed out of the break,
it was then re-glued with hide glue;
sliced / spliced / and refinished.

There was so much damage to the soundboard bracing; 
that we decided to remove the back, 
to gain 100% access to the soundboard.
A new solid wood back, was fabricated,
to replace the old plywood back.

Rob completed his Level 2 and picked up his
 TechDeck ( and all the goodies ) a couple of years ago.

This back will be trimmed and bound next class.

Chris and Tony setting up for the 5th + 6th 
neck surgery jobs for this group. 

Tony ( London ) is a very talented electrical engineer,
bass player and guitar enthusiast. Tony ordered his TechDeck
 from last Fall's production run. He picked up all of
 the accessories, at the start of his Level 1 studies, last term.

Chris is setting up for his second neck surgery job 
this class. He ordered his NSK, and promptly 
performed two jobs, "right out of the gate" ! 

Kim ( St Thomas ) is a full time gigging 
Bass player. He is a Graduate of the
 Humber College Jazz program and 
a seriously good musician. 

Removing the neck on this old arch top Stewart
and resetting the neck angle; has been a great lesson
 for all of the students in this class.

Globe-trotting Mining Safety Expert, and big time guitar enthusiast
Tim; jumped right into Level 2 after completing his Level 1
and purchasing his TechDeck and all of the accessories.

 Tim's long term plan, is to retire in Australia
 and to continue doing his Guitar work in his retirement years . 

Sounds like a good plan to me ... 

You're off to a good start Tim !

Congrats !

So far .... he has removed and re-glued a 12-string bridge,
completed a neck surgery job and will be doing a compensated nut
for his American Tele next class.