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Does your guitar always seems to be out of tune ?
Does it seem to be too hard to play ?

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Bridge slotting

 Level 2

This old Framus guitar NEVER played in tune.
We calculated where the bridge slot SHOULD
 be for PERFECT intonation.

We filled in the original ( adjustable ) saddle slot
with rosewood, then "did the math" on proper saddle location,
laid out the the new saddle locate, 
and set up the bridge slotting jig.

Then, with the Bosch Colt router, we cut a 
perfect, crisp, flawless bridge slot,
and fabricated a fresh, radiused, intonated, bridge saddle.

Now for the first time since the guitar was manufactured 
back in the 60's .... it plays perfectly in tune.   

When you look ( above ) at the original
saddle footprint .... you can see that the 
original slot was 3/8" too short for the scale length !!!

Congratulations to Jeff, Adam, 
Ryan, Alex and Herb on your 
TechDeck purchases !

I'm certain that all of you will be 
putting these Workstations to very good use !

1967 Ricky 

It's really fascinating to see all of the hand-tooling 
on these early " production " guitars.

Imagine the guy with a 1 1/8" forstner bit, 
standing at the drill press  and hogging out
all of that lumber for the electronics cavity !

I sculpted the bridge (above) from a block of 
bell brass .... the original aluminum bridge
had been replaced with a rosewood 
archtop bridge, at some point in the past. 

NOTE: This was sculpted for a plain third 
"G" string. The original bridges were sculpted for a wound third

I've posted this play by play on this Taylor 
Comp-Nut and partial refret for all of the 
students .... as a refresher ;^ ) 

The final intonation values were cut into the saddle
as I finished up the comp nut and comp saddle calibrations.